Academic Programs



Opportunities in the program:

Phi Delta Epsilon (honorary society)
Volunteering at hospitals and clinics
Shadowing health professionals

Possible career options:

Medical doctor

Some of the medical schools our graduates have attended:

Auburn University College of
Veterinary Medicine
Baylor University
Johns Hopkins University
Mayo Clinic
Medical College of Virginia
Stanford University
Texas A&M College of
Veterinary Medicine
Tulane University
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
Vanderbilt University
Washington University in St. Louis

Program Overview

Transylvania has a long history of training students for careers in healthcare fields such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and physical therapy. (Refer to Study Programs for specific course information related to each field). Our liberal arts curriculum allows students to fulfill their Pre-Health requirements while still pursuing other interests, often making them stronger candidates because of their breadth of experiences. The emphasis on a broad curriculum exposes students to new ideas, encourages clear thinking, and sharpens reading comprehension and communication skills—a must for success in health profession schools.

The Pre-Health Advisory Committee serves to guide students as they navigate their career options, course schedules, extracurricular activities, and, finally, the application process to their chosen professional program. Students wishing to obtain a letter of recommendation from the committee will interview during winter term before their application is due. The final recommendation is based on the student's transcripts, resume, personal statement, interview, and personal interactions with faculty members.

Individual feedback is provided to help students better their interview skills and overall application. Approximately 90 percent of students recommended by the Transylvania Pre-Health Advisory Committee are accepted to health profession schools.

August term meeting for first-year students interested in Pre-Health professions »


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