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“The professors at Transylvania are unlike teachers at any other school, and you can tell the difference the minute you walk into a classroom. It’s the look they get in their eyes when they begin teaching, it's the way they smile when students really get into discussion. They care about what they teach, and they care that we, as students, are learning. And that makes all the difference.

At Transy, our professors don’t treat us like numbers; we’re more than just names on a roster. We are learners, and they are here to teach us everything they can, to make sure the passion lives on.”

—Della McDonald ’14

Religion Faculty

  • Paul H. Jones

    Paul H. Jones, Professor of Religion; Program Director

    Ph.D., M.A., Vanderbilt University, 1988, 1984; M.Div., Texas Christian University, 1978; B.A., Yale University, 1972
  • Carole Barnsley

    Carole Barnsley, Assistant Professor of Religion

    Ph.D., Indiana University, 2009; M.A., Miami University, 2000; B.A., Middlebury College, 1998

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